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Weather in Tbilisi, Georgia

By Jaanus Jagomagi via unsplash

Weather in Georgia hugely depends on the region. Even though it’s a relatively small country, a 30-minute drive can easily bring you to a completely different microclimate. A rainy morning in Tbilisi can turn into a sunny afternoon in Signaghi and an evening snowstorm in Gombori. So, if you are planning a trip around the country, even a small one, it’s better to be prepared for all sorts of situations. 

Quite a common and a rather valuable recommendation on packing is to have several layers of clothes. A thin woolen sweater, a thin puff coat, and a big scarf will become your trustworthy allies on a cold day or a short trip in the mountains. A pair of gloves and a hat can also change your perception of the temperature.

So in this blog post, we’ll be describing the kind of weather you can expect in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.


March is sometimes called «crazy» for the way the weather changes dramatically from day to day. Raining and +6C on Tuesday, when your only wish is to sit by the fireplace and drink some wine, it’s +18C the next day and you’re happily taking a sunbath on a terrace, and Thursday can bring you a sunny, but very windy +12C day.

Even though the average temperature range in March is from +10 to +15C, there are several days with a really strong wind that can make your walk around the city not comfortable at all. However, you could easily dedicate these days to the exploration of the Georgian cuisine by joining our Taste of Tbilisi tour, this way you will be mostly inside and with just the right amount of comfort food.

The great thing about March is that trees start to bloom, and you’ll keep noticing almond, tkemali (wild Georgian plum), peaches, and cherry trees blossoming here and there, and the mimosas, daffodils, and hyacinths being sold by street vendors. 

In April you can find magnolias, wisterias, lilacs and chestnut trees in bloom and finer weather. A +16 or +18C sunny day when you only need a jacket (and a pair of sunglasses) is perfect for a day out to explore the hidden treasures of Tbilisi. However, beware that early in the morning and right after the sun goes down, it starts to feel significantly colder, so don’t forget and extra warm layer. April is also the time when we expect the first harvest of strawberries delivered from the Kakheti region.


May and June could be the best months for a summer trip to Georgia. It’s steadily warm and sunny, but not too hot yet, so you can easily explore all those narrow streets of the old city at our Tbilisi Traditions tour. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

July in Tbilisi

July and August are also quite pleasant besides for the days when the temperature goes up to +38 or +42C. And more often than not this temperature will keep for at least a week, so make sure you find a place to stay with a conditioner and not too high up the hill, otherwise walking back home on foot in the heat would be too tiresome. 


September and October are still quite warm in the daytime, but it becomes considerably cooler as soon as the sun sets, so you want to have your jacket with you, but also sunglasses for walking around during the day. September is also the harvesting time, so you could visit one of the wineries in the Kakheti region so see how it’s done the traditional way. Lots of fruits available on the market. And the first weekend of October is the celebration of Tbilisoba – a mix of harvest festival and city day celebration.

November can sometimes treat you with a couple of warm sunny days and the trees are beautiful with golden leaves slowly falling down. But beware, winter is coming, so better be prepared for rain and colder temperatures, especially in the evening time, +10C, and +15C when the sun is up. 


In December and January, the temperature range is from +6 to +10C. On some particularly nice sunny days, it goes up to +15C, but still, these are the coldest months of the year and there’s a possibility of snow. However, in the winter 2018/2019, it only snowed once, on New Year’s Eve, and the snow is actually mixed with rain, didn’t really stay. Be sure to have a scarf, gloves, and a hat with you to keep you comfortable during the long walks. 

February is making hints that the spring is soon to come, but the worst thing is that some days are really windy, and there can be 3-4 days like this in a row. Mimosas are in bloom.

Winter in Tbilisi

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Written by Polina, a local guide