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Tbilisi from the top. Bests spots for your panoramic photos

Photo by Andrey Sanin

Georgia is well-known for its beautiful mountains. Undoubtedly they have picturesque views from their tops. Tbilisi, the capital, offers no less. Good news, you do not need your trekking boots to see the city from the top, moreover, overlooking Tbilisi can be accompanied with a dinner, a drink, a Ferris wheel ride, or whatever your soul wishes! 

We made a list of places for you that are suitable for all moods, for a solo walk or with a company, that can be easily reached by any means of transport or on foot. 

Pick some spots from the list and remember that  “the more, the better” is the only rule here. Not only do these places have splendid views over Tbilisi but they also have their own cultural significance.  That is why we also recommend to visit them in order to get to know Georgia better.

Here is the list of best viewpoints in Tbilisi:

1. Narikala fortress

Narikala fortress is a calling card of Tbilisi, you just can’t miss it. We’re passing by the cable car that starts from Rike park and will bring you up to the hill at out Tbilisi Traditions tour. If you go left, you will reach the fortress itself, the monument of Mother of Georgia will wait for you on the right, and a big botanical garden will stand in front of you if you choose to go straight. 

This location gives you a wide range of spots where you can take pics from, we know it can be too overwhelming, just stop taking pictures so at some point, take your camera away,  and just enjoy the view!

How to get there: cable car from Rike Park, on foot, taxi. 

2. Mountain Mtatsminda

Mountain Mtatsminda is the highest point in Tbilisi (770 m). And if standing at the highest point of the city, you still want to get higher, go ahead. Sometimes “it’s never enough” and we get you! Take a ride on a Ferris Wheel in  Mtatsminda Amusement Park and be above all else.

Apart from Mtatsminda park, there is also the Funicular Restaurant Complex, which is one of the most popular restaurants in Tbilisi. Should we mention again it does have panoramic views!?

How to get there:  funicular (location), on foot, taxi 

3. Turtle Lake (Kus Tba)

This lake and the recreational area around it are located on the left cliff of Mtatsminda.

Besides the view, this place offers a lot of activities: swimming, boat rental, hiking treks around the lake (Stunning landscapes!).  Festivals and concerts are held here as well, check in advance if there is any during your stay in Tbilisi, an open-air museum of Ethnography (1 km to the west).

Dedicate a couple of hours for this place and for your own tranquility.

How to get there: on foot, by taxi, cable car (in Vake park). 

If you have climbed to one of these three locations on foot, have a glass of Georgian wine in one of the cafes to thank yourself for this uphill walk, enjoy the view, get online and book the Taste of Tbilisi tour to regain all that energy you have spent.

If you decided to save some time and have reached the place by cable car or taxi, still have a glass of Georgian wine! Celebrate the day with the view of this beautiful city.

4. Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi or Sameba

Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi or Sameba is placed on the Elia Hill, hence it has a spectacular view on the other side of the river. The church is also worth visiting itself as it is the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church. 

 By the way, near the Church is located cafe Lagidze Water, which is famous for Georgian lemonades freshly pours for you from a soda fountain, mixed with natural syrup (tarragon, pear, lemon, and others). 

Address: 24-26 სამრეკლოს ქუჩა, Tbilisi 

5. Betlemi street stairs

A staircase with more than a hundred steps will lead you to the top with another great view of Tbilisi from a different perspective. Along the way you will come across a few churches, many narrow streets, hundreds of photogenic old houses, corners and porches. Curious about the history of this charming quarter? Join the Tbilisi Traditions tour and enjoy the story while having a picnic with your guide.

How to get there.

The Chronicle of Georgia (History Memorial of Georgia) is considered a hidden gem in Tbilisi, a 16-pillar monument, designed by prominent architect Zurab Tsereteli, located near Tbilisi sea. Hilltop position gives exciting views to the city and its surroundings.  

How to get there:  Chronicles of Georgia Temqa, Tbilisi (take a taxi to Tbilisi Sea)


If you are  not in a mood to take a walk, or you don’t want to brave the elements, or simply want to kill two birds with one stone: to have a meal or a drink with a view, you can also check these cafes and restaurants: 

  • The Art-cafe HOME location gives a 360-degree view over old Tbilisi. Whenever you look, any view from its rooftop will catch your attention: Narikala Fortress and the monument of Mother of Georgia, the old town, the TV tower which is brightly lit in the evening. Address: 13 Betlemi St, Tbilisi 0105
  • From the terrace of Keto&Kote, you can enjoy a view of Vera neighborhood rooftops and the other riverbank. Address: 3 Mikheil Zandukeli Dead End, Tbilisi 0179
  • Iveria Cafe has an exciting view over the river and the mountains, it is definitely worth stopping here for a coffee or for a proper meal. Address: 1 0108 Rose Revolution Square, Tbilisi 0108 
  • From the terrace of Marani Restaurant & Bar, you may observe the old town and the famous sulfur baths. Address: 11 I.grishashvili St, T’bilisi 

 We hope you enjoy Tbilisi and also panoramic views over the city! For more interesting posts about Tbilis and Georgia, visit our blog