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Best coffee places in Tbilisi


Walking around Tbilisi old town and craving for a cup of specialty coffee? For the passionate coffee-lovers, we created a short guide of the best coffee spots in Tbilisi. While we were thinking over the list, it occurred to us that coffee tasting might become a nice opportunity to explore real Tbilisi: going from one to another, you will have a chance to travel around different districts of the city. Here we go! Five cafes with the best coffee in Tbilisi.

1. Skola Coffee & Wine Bar

Skola is the most favorite place of coffee-lovers and freelancers coming to Tbilisi from all over the world. This is a chain and there are two cafes: the first one is right in Tbilisi center, on the Rustaveli Avenue, and another one — in Vake, the fanciest city district. Having breakfast with a cup of perfect coffee or enjoying a glass of Georgian rose in Skola is totally a must-do in Tbilisi.


Skola on Rustaveli is highly popular with tourists and local youth. Its exterior is hard to miss due to beautiful decor elements in the style of school workbook with wavy lines and neat Georgian hand-writing (“skola” means “school” in Georgian). Behind the high windows, you will find a spacious two-story area all designed for natural materials, wood and metal. Space looks stylish and cozy. It is equipped with convenient working spaces and good lighting.

Apart from the standard coffee options, the menu includes Hario-V60, Chemex, Affogato, and Raf. There are also desserts, sandwiches, pasta, and burgers. We recommend chicken quesadilla, Scola burger, carrot cake, and banana bread. The prices are reasonable and the quality is remarkable. Both Skolas are also distinct for good service and very friendly English-speaking staff.

If you are in the mood for a walk, take a tour to Vake through Barnovi and Paliashvili streets. This district differs from the old city part and is also worth exploring. Here you will not find cultural sights but you will find lots of Georgian designers’ stores. At the end of the walk, stop by Scola on Paliashvili and treat yourself with a cup of perfectly warm cappuccino. Or a glass of Georgian wine as you are still in Georgia.

2. Coffee Lab

Coffee Lab is a specialty coffee roastery and a coffee shop. It is located in Saburtalo district: visit it and you will get to know another side of Tbilisi life. Coffee Lab is hidden behind tall trees which lets you relax from the city noise and rest your eyes on the calmly moving tree branches around the cafe building. The minimalist interior is designed in dark colors and simple shapes. Another noticeable feature of the place is their unique cups produced of coffee husks. They are natural, non-toxic and they keep the coffee hotter for longer.

The place roasts and brews coffee on-site so you can buy a package of roasted coffee as a gift. The coffee list includes Black and “White” coffee, Espresso, V60, Aeropress and French press. You will also find breakfast, lunch and dessert options. Coffee Lab’s brownie is probably the best in the city. All in all, Coffee Lab provides a calm and comfy environment for working and studying or just friendly gatherings.

Minimalist Coffee

Minimalist Coffee is a concept coffee shop, serving locally roasted pour-over coffee, Georgian craft beer, and specialty wine. It is situated in the old part of Tbilisi, not far from the MOMA museum. The place also functions as an art gallery for local photographers and painters. Minimalist coffee is a small and cozy place: it is perfect for real coffee-lovers, those who do not want any distraction from genuine coffee artistry. 

The menu has Hario v60, Aeropress, Chemex, Hario Siphon, French Press and Georgian tea. Observing barista creating a delicious drink is a real adventure! Another reason to stop by this place is to buy a catalog of Georgian photographers or get one of the photos that are up for sale at the gallery. That could beсome a nice memorable and unique gift from Georgia.

3. Erti Kava Coffee Room

Erti Kava is a chain of cafes: the first one was opened in Mestia, Svaneti region, and last spring the second one was launched in Tbilisi, next to the Conservatory. The founders come from Kyiv and so does the chef who specifically came to Georgia in order to create a signature breakfast menu. Now Tbilisi Erti Kava has all-day breakfast, specialty coffee, and a gift shop. The coffee menu includes Doppio, Flat White, Aeropress, Raf, and Caramel cappuccino. You can also add vegan milk for extra charge here. Breakfast options are truly unique and are worth coming here each morning: syrniki with bananas and nuts, English breakfast, avocado toast and many more.

The cafe is remarkable for its support of Georgian farmers, artists, and craftsmen. All ingredients are bought exclusively from local farmers, and the gift shop offers a range of souvenirs, accessories, and clothes all made by artisans from various parts of the country. While your coffee and breakfast are being made check what beautiful aprons, bags, and earrings they have. You might find your perfect gift there. Erti Kava is also known for its swings. Yes, real swings in a cafe 🙂

4. Lui Coffee

Lui Cafe is a cozy family-owned cafe in the Vake district. It also has specialty coffee, all-day-long breakfasts, homemade bakery, and a nice interior. This place is perfect for brunch or an afternoon gathering with friends or colleagues. It has a large menu including wine and cocktails, which is also good for dinner. Some say that Lui Cafe has Georgia’s best desserts, we in our turn can confirm that it has the best version of “Opium” cake. This might be one of the main reasons for you to come to Lui.

We talked about five best coffee shops in Tbilisi, anyway there are more to visit here. Hurma Cafe near the Philarmony, world-famous Coffeeshop on Mosashvili street, Memo coffee on Abashidze street, and others. We are glad to see that each year more and more coffee shops are opening around Georgia’s capital. This makes Tbilisi a truly coffee-lovers-friendly environment. If you are looking for more recommendations on where to go/what to visit in Tbilisi, check out our Blog or join one of our tours that we run daily.