New Year’s traditions in Tbilisi


Christmas and New Year’s Eve is not always about snow and cold winds. In Tbilisi, you will experience holidays filled with warm comfortable weather, lots of lights, fireworks and street markets. Moreover, Georgian culture emerged from the influences of European and Asian cultures which makes it a place with unique traditions. So today we’ll tell…

Best coffee places in Tbilisi


Walking around Tbilisi old town and craving for a cup of specialty coffee? For the passionate coffee-lovers, we created a short guide of the best coffee spots in Tbilisi. While we were thinking over the list, it occurred to us that coffee tasting might become a nice opportunity to explore real Tbilisi: going from one…

Tbilisi from the top. Bests spots for your panoramic photos

Photo by Andrey Sanin

Georgia is well-known for its beautiful mountains. Undoubtedly they have picturesque views from their tops. Tbilisi, the capital, offers no less. Good news, you do not need your trekking boots to see the city from the top, moreover, overlooking Tbilisi can be accompanied with a dinner, a drink, a Ferris wheel ride, or whatever your…

Survival Georgian – basic phrases for everyday

What languages are used in Georgia? As Georgia is a country with a long and complicated history, no surprise that its culture is no less diverse and exciting than the chronicle of rulers changing each other. Historically Georgia was formed by various nations and it remains a country at the crossroads of influences and traditions….

Tbilisi for vegetarians

If you are planning your trip to Tbilisi, you have probably heard that Georgians eat lots of meat, bread, and cheese. In this case, what should vegetarians and vegans do in this country?.. We can assure you: no matter what type of food you prefer, you surely will not stay hungry in Tbilisi! Traditional Georgian…

Weather in Tbilisi, Georgia

By Jaanus Jagomagi via unsplash

Weather in Georgia hugely depends on the region. Even though it’s a relatively small country, a 30-minute drive can easily bring you to a completely different microclimate. A rainy morning in Tbilisi can turn into a sunny afternoon in Signaghi and an evening snowstorm in Gombori. So, if you are planning a trip around the…

The best places to have breakfast in Tbilisi


Tbilisi doesn’t tend to wake up very early, so there is no significant breakfast culture here – if you’re Georgian you’re likely in a hurry to get where you’re supposed to be in the morning and probably a little late already, so a quick coffee with something sweet, or a piece of khachapuri (cheese pastry)…